Tuition & Financial Support


2016-2017 Tuition

  • PreK (Full Day): $19,500
  • Elementary & Middle School (K-8th): $27,995
  • High School (9th-12th): $26,275

Financial Support is available to families who qualify.


Centreville Layton School offers need-based financial support. Interested families may apply for need-based grant assistance by completing a “Financial Aid for Student Tuition” (FAST) form. 

Independent School Management (ISM) processes each form submitted and provides an analysis of a family’s finances. ISM calculates the amount of discretionary income that a family can contribute toward the cost of their child’s education. This information is sent to Centreville Layton School in the Report of Family Contribution (RFC). Centreville Layton School receives the RFC and considers it in combination with W-2 forms, previous year’s IRS 1040 form and any other financial documentation submitted. The family contribution indicated on the RFC is a starting point for financial support decisions. After considering any extenuating circumstances together with Centreville Layton’s financial support policies, the Financial Support Committee makes final award decisions.

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